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more cambodia.

The Cambodia painting is coming along quite nicely. I’ve added most of the detail along the ground plane. Now, it it’s time for one of my favorite parts: adding detail to the walls of the ruins. It’s kind of slow going, as I have to do some research as to what type of relief will appear Cambodian. Like the Indian painting, I love adding these delicate details. Overall, I’m very excited about the progress.


more watercolor.

I learned about a wonderful book while taking my class at the art museum. It’s entitled ‘Water Paper Paint’, by Heather Smith Jones. Annnnd I love it.

The book is filled with all kinds of projects for theĀ creative person. You don’t have to be an artist to do any of this stuff. As for me, I plan on trying out every project in here. There are many pages of basic information that preface the projects. So if you are not familiar with watercolor, Jones tells you everything you need to know before getting started.

I was mesmerized by one project in particular. It’s a study in pattern, color, and working with brushes of different sizes. It’s a series of glassy blobs, tied together with black dots. I know it sounds a little crazy. But here are the results….


I love it so, so much that I am exploring a series. These are not difficult to complete and therefore, inexpensive to create. I think I will get a bunch of them framed to sell for Christmas. Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg with this book. I plan on experimenting with more projects in the future. I highly recommend this book for any creative spirit.


Now that I am done with all major commission work, it’s time to indulge in one of my favorite artistic pursuits: collage. There’s something about cutting out little, tiny images and arranging them in a meticulous manner. I’ve collaged surfaces before. But I’ve never created a collage piece on paper.

The thing about collage (if executed properly) is it takes a long time. I work in layers, getting just the right orientation. I’ve also spent years compiling a box of elements cut from magazines. Diamonds, flowers, vegetables, shoes, people, and lanterns are only a small cross section of my collection. I particularly like collage because I can bolster my supply of images while I watch tv in bed. I’m also experimenting with mixed media; meaning I’m drawing in large elements with colored pencil or paint, and supplementing them with collage elements.

This piece is entitled ‘Forest Floor’. It’s not completely finished. I love the way it’s assembled. I’m using a lot of white paper to create a subtle transition from the images of the magazine to the edges of the surface. The intent is that the images are flora that peek through a carpet of fallen leaves that you would typically find on the ground in a forest. Eventually, I would like to do a series detailing different types of forest floors that include three dimensional elements. We’ll see where this prototype takes me…