The Garden Project

The Garden Project is an immersive art installation created to illustrate the potential power of landscape architecture and art to enhance the quality of life for potential users. Through a partnership with fellow artist, Lisa McIlroy, we pursued funding and space to develop what we hope will ultimately become a fully fabricated, weatherproof, mobile structure which the public could experience. Initial funding provided an opportunity to create a gallery installation to set the tone for the project and facilitate a way to gauge public reaction to such a concept. The exhibit consisted of four rooms at the JRB Gallery, each with a different purpose and feel. Elements were constructed entirely of paper, paper mache’, as well as found and re-purposed objects which were then organized into garden elements in the form of berms, walls, projectiles, and sculpture. While the project has been in an indefinite holding pattern, we hope to relaunch the effort to create the weatherproof sculpture in the next year, allowing for collaborative opportunities with other fabricators and artists.