my work

My art reflects a diverse collection of influences from the surrounding environment, to a simple color combination. Subjects are so varied that it is difficult to sum them up into one or two sentences on here. Very simply stated: I paint what I like. This varies from observational still life arrangements, to very stylized versions of landscapes.

No matter the subject, my work is always very detailed and delicate. I rarely attempt to convey any sort of bold statement about society or politics. My message is in the placement of tiny details and colors, designed to inspire the person viewing it.

Throughout my life, I have worked with a diverse array of media. Years of experimentation with different materials have yielded a preference in working with acrylic paint, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel, and two dimensional collage. My primary method of expression is through painting and drawing. However, I have recently experimented with large scale installation work.

Cross Section

My professional background includes landscape architecture and interior design. Despite the fact these concentrations can be very rigid in terms of creativity, I have found ways to infuse my artistic sensibilities to create beautiful design concepts. One could even say the reverse is true and that my design background informs the creation of my art.

If you are interested in a commission, please refer to my contact page. I would love to make something wonderful for you.

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