happenings at AKA Gallery

My home gallery is undergoing some big changes this month…

IMG_1977I’ve been renting here a couple of years now. The director, who is also my friend, is an awesome ‘landlord’. My rent is cheap, and I pretty much get free reign over my space. We’ve always had an eclectic mix of retail and fine art, usually in the same room. It was a few months ago, that Ashley {the director} decided to streamline this concept…a lot.

She’s decided to move all of the retail up front. We have an impressive collection of witty, funky merchandise, including: drinking supplies, t-shirts, and ceramic balloon dog bookends. All of the art will be relegated to the anterior space where wall real estate will be split between different artists.

My working space will become more communal in nature. I should mention I share rented space with an artist named MaryAnn Ceballos. She is a very talented and prolific abstract artist. She is an absolute joy to be around. We really love working together. Currently, we have two cubicles in the back. They’re decent sized. But, with the move, we’ll have one large cubicle to share. The working area will be much larger. Also, the wall will be oriented in such a way that we’ll face the front door….much more conducive to reeling in customers.

We hope to have all of the renovations done by our next first Friday in August. All three of us are so excited to get everything done and move into the new spaces. I’ll keep updating as major progress is made. We’re excited to be a part of this new chapter in the existence of AKA Gallery!

{AKA Gallery is located in the Paseo Arts District, at 3001 Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK, 73103}

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