make one hundred dollars today.


I had some branding work done a couple of years ago by the very brilliant ladies of Braid Creative. My mind was kind of all over the place. They systematically boiled all of my crazy thoughts down to a concise business concept. I’m still making my way through implementation of their recommendations. Sometimes that’s a little tough. However, the framework they provided me with always helps steer me back in the right direction. If you’re in need of branding advise, please don’t hesitate to give them a shout.

Ok, I gave that shameless plug in order to tell a story. As a result of my dealings with Braid, I signed up for an email to receive Letters for Creatives. These are just little tidbits of advise and information intended to guide people in the operation of their business. A few weeks ago, I received on called ‘Make 100 Dollars Today’. Obviously, it was an email about making money. However, money was part of a broader observation that creatives have a tendency to spend more time learning and less time doing.

This made me pause a bit. I feel like I’ve made positive steps in the direction of making money. I consistently work on art, in a studio in an art district. I also have a blog that functions as a website to sell art. But, I realized in that instance, there is so much more I could be doing to generate sales.  I needed to spend less time letting ideas marinate in my head, and more time putting these ideas into practice. This email challenged me to sell some art, or write a blog post, anything that could help make money.

So I did. I created a Facebook page just for my art. I got seventy-some likes, which in turn means a decent reach when people share information from my page. Also, out of that page, my friends’ mom was actually moved to come by the studio to check out my art. She was intrigued by the image {pictured above} of India. This painting happened to be out of her price range. But, she is going to purchase a smaller piece for $300.00. So I actually made $300 that day. As a bonus, she plugged her appointment with me in a status update, which was shared with all of her friends.

I’m excited to see that it doesn’t take much in terms of putting yourself out there to see who bites. Other parts of my business model are still in progress. That email showed me that I’ve spent too much time researching and thinking about them. If you are in an artistic business, I implore you to do the same thing. It can be as simple as a blog post, or creating a teaser of new work to send out to returning clients, or creating a Facebook page.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels reading about what everyone else is doing, take a short break to put your own business into practice. You’ll be very happy with the results.

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