fourth of july vacation

Well, I’m finally back after an extended Fourth of July vacation. My family has a lake house right smack in the middle of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. It is hands down, one of my favorite places….in the world. It’s a large area. I’m not sure how many square miles are included in the park land. Be assured, there is no shortage of natural beauty. We frequent the main attraction, Lake of the Arbuckles. But, the area also has tons of waterfalls, freshwater springs, and mineral springs. It’s really a jewel of a place.

We go down there quite a bit, usually for weekend trips. This was the first time we spent almost a week at the cabin. I would say it was fun, overall. Unfortunately, we had a few foibles that really threw a wrench in our plans. The biggest of these was the boat. A few months ago, our dry storage was broken into. We had a several things stolen: lawn tools, ropes, five gallon buckets, stuff like that. Although it was annoying, it wasn’t that big of a deal compared to what could have been stolen. Little did we know, it was actually a lot worse….

When we got the boat to the cabin to load it, we discovered that a couple of life jackets, our ski ropes, snorkel gear, and competition ski gloves had been taken. Upon further inspection, dad also realized the fuel lines to the motor had been cut AND the gas had been siphoned out. Seriously. So, we installed new fuel lines, hoping the boat would recover. No dice. It started, but sounded like crap, smoked, and died any time you would give it any gas.

Needless to say, the boat was taken directly to the shop. We were left to make the best of it….which we did. We spent one day at a drive up beach without the boat. The next day we took our canoe out. I’m accustomed to punting at the lake. If you’ve grown up around motor boats, like me, you know that sometimes they don’t start in the best of circumstances. It’s all a part of having no agenda, and rolling with it.

Having a cool family helps, though. We had a great time together, despite the mishaps. I can’t wait to do it again soon.





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