new work: more from India.

I’m working on a large format version of my small Indian elephant diptych. The small piece turned out so cool. People were really drawn to it in the studio, despite the fact it took a while to sell. I decided to do a whole series of ‘exotic lands’ in this stylized manner {re: ‘inspired: chuck jones’}.

This one in particular is a market scene…and yes, it will have a few brightly decorated elephants roaming around. I decided the next two will be Bali and Japan. I’m pretty enthused about this series. I feel like I’ve hit a pretty big inspiration groove after a long period of hodge-podginess.

Oddly enough, creating paintings for my job at Pinots’ Palette has made me even more comfortable with painting more complex landscape compositions. I’ve generated a few simplified landscapes for our master library. Landscapes are something I’ve rarely, if ever, attempted. We incorporate minimal perspective. However, we incorporate elements like buildings, trees, fields, etc. And they actually appear very complex. It doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation. It just has to be proportionate, colorful, and interesting.

I believe this is why the background came together so wonderfully. This job has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I’ve surprised myself with my ability to create scenes. Scenes that are vibrant and animated…little worlds full of finite details. Scenes that appear alive.

I can’t wait to see how this painting develops {i’m very impatient}.



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