new work.

In 2003, I traveled to Japan with the landscape architecture department at Oklahoma State. It was a trip full of sightseeing; ancient gardens, significant landmarks, and plenty of beer gardens. Japan is a beautiful and sometimes haunting place. Everything is so different. The sounds and smells are still vivd in my mind. It’s like you can actually feel the history in the air. Ten years later, Japan stays with me.

A couple of years ago, I did a quick painting of a lotus blossom featured in a picture from my trip. I also created another painting inspired by some water plants in a photo from Taiwan {a side trip we took while in Japan}. Those paintings sort of marinated for a while. Until I began thinking…..It would be cool to do a series of these paintings, each inspired by a photo or experience from my trip. They are 8″x8″ paintings, in acrylic paint, and hints of gold puff paint. I wrote that in italics to emphasize how awesome it is. I’ve completed four paintings thus far. But, I think I would like to have a grid of twenty or so.

The paintings below are the newest addition to the series. I’m very excited to watch this develop. The most recent paintings are very floral. Subsequent paintings will be based around people, places, and patterns. More progress to follow soon…

Temple Entrance Suspended Blossoms

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