Now that I am done with all major commission work, it’s time to indulge in one of my favorite artistic pursuits: collage. There’s something about cutting out little, tiny images and arranging them in a meticulous manner. I’ve collaged surfaces before. But I’ve never created a collage piece on paper.

The thing about collage (if executed properly) is it takes a long time. I work in layers, getting just the right orientation. I’ve also spent years compiling a box of elements cut from magazines. Diamonds, flowers, vegetables, shoes, people, and lanterns are only a small cross section of my collection. I particularly like collage because I can bolster my supply of images while I watch tv in bed. I’m also experimenting with mixed media; meaning I’m drawing in large elements with colored pencil or paint, and supplementing them with collage elements.

This piece is entitled ‘Forest Floor’. It’s not completely finished. I love the way it’s assembled. I’m using a lot of white paper to create a subtle transition from the images of the magazine to the edges of the surface. The intent is that the images are flora that peek through a carpet of fallen leaves that you would typically find on the ground in a forest. Eventually, I would like to do a series detailing different types of forest floors that include three dimensional elements. We’ll see where this prototype takes me…




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