let me tell you about: my day(night) job.

'Oklahoma Strong' class at Pinot's Palette {photo credit: Pinot's Palette/Bricktown}

‘Oklahoma Strong’ class at Pinot’s Palette {photo credit: Pinot’s Palette/Bricktown}

Last year was interesting, to say the least. I left my comfortable office job to pursue graduate school. Unfortunately, graduate school did not work out for this year (more on that later). I had a part time job, to help pay my bills. The company I worked for closed its doors. So, there’s that. Needles to say, many months of mid level stress ensued. I didn’t want a full time job. I needed time to pursue my art and regroup for another application to grad school. The thing is, my old part time job was the best. I could make my own hours. I knew our store inside and out. Going to work at another retail job just wouldn’t be the same.

One day, I was pursuing job postings on Craig’s List. I saw an entry for a wine and paint company called Pinot’s Palette. It sounded awesome. I can have flexible hours, and get paid for my paintings, and teach people to paint while drinking wine?! Sign me up! It’s also not your typical paint and sip studio. We’re a corporate franchise. So that offers more security in terms of hours per week, supplies, etc. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Contrary to normal jobs, I work at night. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work for this place that goes on during the day. But our classes are in the evening. My schedule is opposite of nearly (or every, now that I think about it) everyone of my friends. Sometimes, that’s kind of tough when there are things that go on in the evening. Fortunately, those conflicts are few and far between.

I’m so excited to be a part of such an amazing company. Sometimes, it’s worth it to hold out for something great.

Go here for more information on Pinot’s Palette.

3 thoughts on “let me tell you about: my day(night) job.

  1. Adrian Mason

    I remember our conversations last year (and the end of 2011) and let me just say that I am very happy to hear you’re succeeding in pursuing what you love and that you have a strong desire for. Good things come to those who wait…AND go out and go for it! Nametwin, I hope you (and I know you will) do extremely well in your new venture.


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