it’s my blog. for real this time.


This concludes months (and months, and months, and months) of trying to bend free blog templates to my creative will. I went back and forth between blogger and wordpress.

I created a blog on blogger. Hated it. I created a blog on wordpress. Didn’t hate it as much. I finally settled on a ‘theme’, and set to work. Everything was as good as it could be, for a free blog. Then one day, I decided I really hated it too. In to the trash it went.

From that point on, I had an honest conversation with myself. The free templates are never going to be exactly what you want. You are too demanding when it comes to the limits of a free template. You don’t know anything about CSS, so you should stop making yourself crazy, spending hours entering codes that make shadows around images go away. It took all of five minutes to remove my debit card from the wallet…

With ALL of that said, I think this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. At first, I wondered if this was a hasty decision. Then, I remember all of the blogs I’ve created in the past. I was so anal, I could barely even post anything on them. I LOVE this one. Is it completely perfect? No. I’d say it’s about 90% the way I want it. That’s a pretty damn good statistic for someone who only sort of knows what they’re doing in regard to creating websites.

The broader moral to the story is, sometimes you have to pay for what you want. This blog is a huge step in realizing my dream of being a self employed, creative entrepreneur. It turned out so well in fact, I’m actually going to post content…..regularly!

So welcome, take a look around. I’ll be here all week.


2 thoughts on “it’s my blog. for real this time.

    1. adrienne. Post author

      Thanks, MaryAnn! It’s been great sharing a studio with you too. I’m going to do a post about AKA in the future. It will be a shameless promotion for all of us:).


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